Learn About Our Full Dog Breed Pup Parents in Arcanum, OH

Meet the fun, loving parents of our dogs for sale

You can tell a lot about a pup by its dog breed. Some are more prone to be pleasers while others are known to be stubborn. Finding the breed that's right for your family will ensure a successful adoption from Premier Puppy.

We offer the following dog breeds depending on the litter:

  • AKC Golden Retrievers
  • Goldendoodles ( Golden x Poodle )
  • AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Bernedoodles ( Bernese x Poodle )
  • AKC Siberian Huskies

Want to know about our dogs for sale in Arcanum, OH? Here's a bit about the pup parents to get an idea of what to expect from the puppies:

Keanu is a 3-year-old male Siberian husky. He is the sire to all of our husky pups. He loves to run and play, knows his manners and is just an all-around joy! He is AKC registered and DNA tested.

Lacy is a 7-year-old AKC and ACA registered female with a thick wooly coat. She is relaxed and loves to just hang around. She makes adorable, fluffy puppies.

Winnie is a 2-year-old ACK registered golden retriever. She is well trained, loyal and loves to be by your side. She enjoys running and playing with balls and sticks.

Kali is a 2-year-old AKC registered Bernese mountain dog who is super cute and fluffy.

Excited to learn more about a specific pup parent dog breed and the sweet babies they produce? Feel free to reach out and see about our dogs for sale in Arcanum, OH.